Company event encourages team spirit

02.04.2019 Special offers

Organize mutual events full of excitement and fun for your employees or business partners!

The event might have a theme according to your intention or they might be connected to the season. Favourite and successful events are: Team building, Sport day, Company day, Family day, Kids´ day and days with similar nature. Everybody loves a unique mix of verified attractions and new original games.

Unforgettable time which will help build stable and loyal relationships, will join the team and will bring intensive relax and regeneration of mental power to all participants.

Leave organizing of your company event to professionals!

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Our hotel Klar is situated in a great locality- in the heart of Liptov. We provide pleasant accommodation, banquet room for evening party and delicious meals.


We cooperate with Event agency Rpegas. They plan great program full of new experience. Each participant will find his or her favourite activity.




LATEST NEWS! Motorway powered by human power: CYKLO-CAR RACING

Sport areal RPEGAS

You will have sport areal available. It is situated in a beautiful environment of West Tatras with area 25 000 m2 with capacity about 1000 people. It is situated about 5km from the centre of Liptovský Mikuláš- district Vitálišovce. You may enjoy:

  • fishing at the lake
  • kids´ cableway
  • aquazorbing swimming pool
  • zorbing runway
  • 2 tracks for terrain quads, kids´ track, track for adults
  • climbing wall
  • cable travers
  • shooting gallery: archery, crossbow and airguns
  • paintball pitch